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7 Ways to Order Off In-and-Out Burger’s ‘Secret Menu’

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In-and-Out Burger's 'Secret Menu'

In-and-Out Burger is one of the most popular hamburger chains, but it currently is only located in states west of the Mississippi. In other areas, similar burger concepts include Five Guys, Smashburger, Fat Burger and Meatheads.

One of the things that make In-and-Out Burger unique is its limited menu. You won’t find the wide variety of chicken sandwiches, specialty burgers, soups, salads and other offerings available at other fast food restaurants. In-and-Out Burger offers burgers, fries, drinks and that’s pretty much it.

But what they lack in variety they more than make up for in quality. Fans of In-and-Out Burger are passionate about the burgers. In fact, many people living in states where In-and-Out Burger isn’t available often make it a point of visiting the restaurant any time they are visiting California, Texas, Arizona or other states where you can get it.

While In-and-Out Burger offers only one type of burger, the chain has an underground reputation for offering a “secret menu” of options the average customer may not know about. These are mostly variations of the chain’s regular offerings, but people “in the know” can enhance their In-and-Out experience — and look really cool to their friends — by ordering off this little-known menu.

7 Ways to Order Off In-and-Out Burger's

Here, then, are seven of the most popular items on the In-and-Out Burger “secret menu”:

  • Animal Style — If you order your burger “animal style”, ou will get pickles, extra spread, grilled onions rather than fresh onions, and your mustard will be fried onto each meat patty.
  • Protein Style — People who are on low-carb diets often opt for this selection. The hamburger bun is replaced with large lettuce leaves. You should be aware that the lettuce usually is significantly colder than the hot burger buns, so this can cause some of the grease to congeal quickly.
  • 3×3, 4×4 (or  MxC) — This option refers to the number of meat patties (the first number, or “M”) and the slices of cheese (the second number or “C”). So a burger with two patties and two slices of cheese would be a 2X2, which is pronounced “two by two”. The largest burger you are allowed to offer is a 4×6, which has four beef patties and six slices of cheese. Most In-and-Out Burger stores will refuse to make anything larger than that, citing health concerns. So don’t bother asking for a 20×20.
  • Double Meat — Essentially, this is a 2×0. it has two meat patties and no cheese. If you order a double burger, you will automatically get cheese. So if you want a cheese-less double, ask for a “double meat”.
  • The Flying Dutchman — If you order this, you will get two meat patties,  two slices of cheese and no bun. You also won’t get any of the regular condiments — lettuce, tomato, spread, and onions — unless you specifically ask for them. Incidentally, if you do want to get around the size restrictions, you can order a Flying Dutchman and a 4X6 and just put them together yourself. But don’t.
  • Grilled Cheese — In-and-Out Burger doesn’t make grilled cheese sandwiches, but they will serve you a burger with cheese and no meat, which is the same thing.
  • Veggie Burger (also known as a “Wish Burger”)— This is a burger with no meat but all the condiments.  The name “Wish Burger” refers to a Blues Brothers song in which Elwood Blues refers to a “wish sandwich”, which he describes as “two pieces of bread … and you WISH you had some meat!”

In addition to the secret burger menu, In-and-Out also has a secret fries menu that includes “animal style” fries, cheese fries, and lemon fries, none of which are on the menu (of course!).