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The Best Western Home Decor Ideas

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The western home décor is renowned for its closeness to nature, coupled with design styles that exemplify the lifestyle of the European and American continents. It therefore encompasses everything that has a western theme, including accessories, furnishings, art, picture frames, clothing, finishing, slides etc. Since the western home décor embraces a broad range of themes, this article will focus on certain key areas so as to help the reader understand its core aspects. Detailed below are some of the best home décor ideas, tips, and step by step plans on how to do this type of décor in the best way possible:


Colors play a very key role in giving your home that western ambiance and look. Colors alone can help you achieve the desired look and this can be done by collecting some ancient older cowboy western photographs from the internet, calendars, postcards and books. To attain the best look, go for items and accessories that have attractive colors such as an old piece of barn wood, wild flower baskets or clay pots. Note that your preferred color scheme ought to incorporate natural tones and colors such as black or rusted metals, basket weavings, leather boots, terra cotta colors and saddles. You might also want to include vibrant colors from horse blankets or wild flowers.


Furniture is another standout feature of this theme theme, particularly in the bedroom. To make the bedroom lively, always go for rustic furniture. This usually includes log furniture, country furniture or cabin furniture as they bring out a more down to earth look. Craftsmen and artists usually make this type of furniture from materials such as twigs, logs, sticks and antlers. These bedrooms look really elegant and enchanting and bring back the classical world charm to the whole bedroom. And to make it more elegant, you can place a coffee table (upholstered in warm colored long-lasting caramel leather) in the sitting area, just next to the master bedroom.

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Western Lighting

Western lighting is meant to add both fun and functionality. Some of the accessories that characterize the western-themed lighting include the following: wrought iron western lamps, authentic wagon wheel lighting and wrought iron western lamps. Furthermore, the addition of antique western lanterns to your bars or tabletops with low-lit situations accentuates the exquisiteness of your home décor. Ensure that you use the western themed lamps in as many rooms as possible within the house.


Drape your tables with Native American blankets as their rustic appearance help to create a deeper feeling of country life. The colors of your blanket may be in red, blue, yellow and orange. By placing a full-length blanket on top of a white colored tablecloth, you will be able to highlight the vibrant color of the blanket. In addition, this western style integrates several different styles of duvet covers, decorative pillows, throws bedding sets and comforters. As a matter of fact, southwest bedding has grown in popularity in many homes; they are typically used as blankets, bed throws or bedspreads to add more character to the home décor.


Antlers are also a prominent feature of this theme. They can be obtained from the producers of western home accessories. One of the best pieces of antler accessories is probably the antler chandelier that can fits well on the roofs of the dining or living room. These antlers can be of both elk and moose.

Flooring and Walls

The homeowner can make use of ceramic tiles that have earthy rustic colors. For example, if it is the kitchen or the basement, it is advisable to choose natural based color tiles. Alternatively, you may choose natural silver or brown colored tiles to bring out a more sophisticated look for the basement or kitchen. To give the room a complete rustic western look, you should consider laying checkerboard tile layouts. On the other hand, the walls of the house can be adorned with Native-American inspired tile work, and may illustrate various symbols such as geometric shapes and crosses.

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Mirrors are also very useful in this type of home decor, especially when the space in the room is limited. Just by placing mirrors in rooms such as the living room, dining or bedroom, you can create the illusion that the space in each of these rooms is large.


The perfect western outlook can be achieved if the ceilings are plank vaulted, have a rough textured mud or sheet with large wooden beams. Others have vintage tin type panel ceilings with painted or copper finishes. Note that the material chosen for the ceiling will affect the natural lighting being reflected into the space in a room.


Laces are a true embodiment of what country life is. They are an important tool particularly when it comes to decorating furniture in the home. The homeowner can use laces to decorate tie bows, candelabras and pews or drape them across gift tables. Laces can also be useful when overlaying a country themed blanket, draped across a table for a more delightful touch.


The living room’s upholstery can either be leather fabrics or loosely woven in a Native American motif. The accessories used in the living room help to complete the outlook of the western home décor by adding both style and color. Therefore, it is advisable to use accents that are brightly colored against your neutral walls and floors so as to draw immediate attention to the extensive detailing and brilliant shapes.


The western home décor is specially meant for those homeowners who want to have a closer connection with the nostalgia of the ancient days, when life was less hectic and people and enough time to spare to enjoy and explore nature. The spirit of the old west can be aroused by performing activities like cooking food on campfire, doing laundry in the creeks and using means of transport such as horses and wagons. This explains why the western themes are embraced worldwide these days, with homeowners of all economic strata looking for the best home décor ideas and finding it worthwhile to adopt this style in their homes.